The My Place Realty LOGO with cityscape icon and the my place realty text.


Our shared vision is to lead the industry by providing quality multi-family homes that people are proud to call home. We will set the example by being an active and positive force within both the industry and the communities where we do business.


We are focused on providing quality homes with a mix of modern and heritage styles. By striving for excellence in purchasing, renovating, customer service and proactive leasing multi-family homes, we will define a new standard in property management.



Our team is caring and treats others with dignity and respect and values individual differences and contributions.



Our team, including external partners, is dedicated at every level to being equally accountable for creating a safe and quality business.


Forward Thinking

Our team strives to create a better future by improving business practices today.

One Team

Our team consists of valuable members who recognize the strengths of each other and work together to achieve our common goals.