My Place Realty helping conserve the Chimney Swift Bird habitat

My Place Realty has received an unexpected guest at one of their Wolseley apartment properties. The Fleetwood apartment at 129 Lenore Street has become the home for one of Canada’s most endangered species, The Chimney Swift Bird. My Place Realty has taken the initiative to help conserve the Chimney Swift habitat with the assistance of Nature Manitoba (formerly Manitoba Naturalist Society) and has recently formed the Manitoba Chimney Swift Initiative (MCSI).


This rare species of birds originally like to nest in hollow trees and rock crevasses. However, for decades now since land development and clearing, hollow trees have become increasingly rare and this now endangered bird has adapted to find other places to nest – like brick and stone chimneys. Thus, how it got its unique name. Each Spring, the sooty bird arrives in Canada near late April and early June to begin its breeding cycle. Bird watchers and onlookers alike can usually see these birds at dusk. They are often described as a small dark-colored bird in a shape of a boomerang or cigar with a narrow and pointed curved wings. You can hear these birds as they omit what is described as a high-pitch chirping sound that is never-ending and rarely fly alone. These birds can frequently be seen near bodies of water because of the abundance of insects.

You can find more information about the Manitoba Chimney Swift Initiative (MSCI) and how you can support this organization by clicking on this link: