Apartment Tips: 5 Tips For Responsibly Signing a Sublease

By this point, it isn’t even news anymore that rent prices in major cities are through the roof. Over the last ten years, the number of young adults who live by themselves has decreased significantly to a measly 9%. Plus, almost half of millennials say that they plan to move again the upcoming year. All of this combined makes for an interesting rental market, specifically in the realm of subleasing (PS – if you’re trying to rent out a room, find a new roommate, or sub-lease your place, you can do that on PadMapper now).

Whether you’re a first time sub-leaser or trying to find your fourth place in two years, you can never be too careful when making your move. Here are a few things to remember while going through the process…

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Written by Ally Greer, February 21, 2017