Congratulations to our Resident Manager - Grace Czarko! Our 2019 Resident Manager of the year for the Professional Property Managers Association (PPMA)

The 2019 PPMA Awards of Excellence - Resident Manager of the Year goes to our very own Grace Czarko!

Grace Czarko - PPMA Resident Manager of the Year 2019

Tom Haughton, Vice-President of My Place Realty presenting the PPMA Awards of Excellence to Grace Czarko, Resident Manager of the Year at the River East House on 5 Valhalla Drive.


Grace Czarko has been the Resident Manager for River East House, a 47-unit complex located at 5 Valhalla Drive for over 20 years. She has an incredible work ethic as well as an eye for design. She has handled all of the snow removal for her entire property as well as the cleaning, tenant relations, leasing, collecting, etc.

Grace is the best example of how great a building could be with the right Resident Manager. She is constantly going above and beyond the call of duty to keep her tenants safe, to keep the building clean and to keep the office informed of any and all ongoing issues. It is by far the quietest building in our portfolio and it is because Grace takes such great care of the property.

Whether you visit her building in the middle of summer and see the lush, green lawn and gardens she tends to, or the middle of winter and see the sidewalks, stairs, pathways and thoroughfares completely cleared of all snow and ice - you will be impressed.

When we reached out to a tenant to provide a statement for this nomination this is what they said:

"I can't say enough. Grace is always on top of everything that is going on in the block. Things are kept tidy and clean, always. Even when it snows a little or a lot, she is out early making sure everyone is able to leave in the mornings safely. She is always friendly, kind and willing to assist whenever and where she can."

“The owners, the directors and the Property Managers that have worked with Grace over the years are constantly amazed at her unwavering work ethic, her excellent customer service skills and her kindness. We're so lucky to have her on our team.

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